Big fan of UO cycling and want to get to know the faces behind the sunglasses and
spandex of the race team? Take a closer look into our team here!

Returning Racers for 2016-2017 Season

Women’s A team

Sophie Andrews


Years Racing: 3
Major: Human Physiology
Year in school: Junior
Favorite Music: Reggae!
Favorite hobby outside of cycling: Rock Climbing

Men’s A Team

John Crandall


Years Racing: 3
Major: Biology/Biochemistry
Year in school: Junior
Favorite Music: Hip-hop and Indie
Favorite Hobby outside cycling: Cooking and Reading


John Crandall began his cycling career racing for his high school’s Cyclocross team in Corvallis, Oregon. Only in his second season of collegiate racing and fresh from his USAC Cat 3 upgrade, John hopes to be a contender in the longer, hillier road races this upcoming season. Although he loves the racing, John’s favorite part of the collegiate season is hanging out with and traveling to races with his friends on the Oregon team.

 Charles Forewood

Major:  English
Spirit Animal: Coyote


Charles enjoys dirty taco trucks, spending time with his family, and the film Once Upon a Time in the West by Sergio Leone.

John Morehouse

Years Racing: 7
Major: Applied Mathematics, Economics
Year in school: Senior
Favorite Music: Electronic
Favorite hobby outside of cycling: Reading

Austin Arguello (Coach)

Years Racing: 7
Major: Human Physiology
Year in school: Senior
Favorite Music: Trance
Favorite hobby outside of cycling: Skiing and Hiking


Austin Arguello began racing bikes in 2007 coming from a swimming and running background. He’s a former member of US Junior National Team and raced a couple years as an elite amateur in the United States.

Austin won the overall northwest collegiate conference title for the 2013  season. After predominantly taking the 2014 season off, Austin is motivated to return strong for the coming season. A lot of his motivation lies in drawing from his years of race experience to help other riders on the team excel in the sport.


Men’s B team

Justin Ziehert


Justin is a freshman from Tigard, Oregon. He is 19 years young and has been racing bikes since he was 14.  He is an economics major and is also going for a minor in political science. He races road and cyclocross, but cyclocross is his favorite.  Outside of cycling Jusin enjoys wakeboarding in the summer and playing basketball in the winter. “Yay bikes! What I want cyclists around the world to know: always bring the right pair of shoes to bike races.”
Spirit Animal: “I have been told I look like a seagull, so I guess that.”

Adam Chaote


Born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, Adam is a long way from home. Even though He is clearly nearly 2,100 miles from Arlington, there is no doubt that he feels at home here in Eugene. He is currently a 19 year old freshman studying Geography . He was first introduced at the age of 14 having become an apprentice at a bike shop in Falls Church, Virginia for a year. Adam joined the National Capital Velo Club, the eastern seaboards largest velo club, and began racing road and cyclocross.As much as he used to hate racing, he believed that cyclocross has and always will be a blast. After starting a new job as a technician at an “exemplary” bike shop called Bikenetic LLC, Adam joined their cyclocross team, which assisted in growing his passion for cycling. Once Adam began attending the UO, he began riding more than he had thought possible, and quickly grew stronger and is happier. 
Adam says that “Even though I love to ride fast, my spirit animal is undoubtedly a turtle. First of all, because I look like one and secondly because turtles are wicked cool.” as well as, “The University of Oregon cycling team is a very special group of people and we always have a great time traveling across the Northwest to race our bicycles.
Adam’s post race meal is always a crunchy peanut butter sandwich with granola and he like to put away a shot or two of espresso.

Mt. Biking
Max Friday



My name is Max Friday and I am from Santa Cruz, California. I grew up mountain biking and have become an avid cyclist when I moved up to Eugene for school. I am majoring in product design and have a passion for the outdoors. I live in a yurt and like to think my spirit animal is a golden retriever.