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We are now accepting orders for our NEW 2016 KITS!

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2016 KIT ORDER #2

We are officially taking new orders for our 2016 season kits! Check out the BUY section of the website for details on how to orders your today!

Mens/Womens Short-Sleeved Jersey

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Fall 2015 Team Rides

Nothing quite like riding under the crispy fall sun!

Come join us for our team rides! The more the merrier, right?

Saturdays and Sundays, 10am

Saturday we leave from Life Cycle Bike Shop (18th and Pearl) and Sunday we leave from 13th and University at the Gazebo on campus! All skill levels are welcome, for details prior to the ride contact Sophie at sophie.andrews24@gmail.com

Bend Camp Recap


After surviving the first week of classes, the UO Cycling Team’s returning racers—and a few special guests—had the very special opportunity to convene in beautiful Bend, Oregon for a weekend of team building, education, and quality training, both on and off the bike. The team was generously hosted by the parents of two racers, Sophie and Austin, and after arriving and settling in on Friday afternoon everyone was treated to a delicious Mexican-themed dinner, provided by the Andrews family. Dinner was preceded by a thorough exploration of the Andrews’ house and land, which included—much to everyone’s delight—a rock climbing wall, a trampoline, llamas, and, most importantly, two dogs—including the French bulldog puppy Rufus, the new de facto team mascot. After eating, the team convened for a meeting detailing the workings of the upcoming season; topics of discussion included racing, logistics, sponsorship obligations, and more, and the returning racers got a sneak peak of next year’s kit (spoiler alert—it looks great). After talking late into the night and enjoying the balmy high desert weather, the team retired for a few hours of sleep before an early morning.

Saturday began with the usual beleaguered groaning of college students attempting to rouse themselves after a late night—a familiar sound from many a cycling team trip. Breakfast was a giant vat of eggs, toast, Greek yogurt, granola, fruit, and lots of water, followed by a trip to the famous Backporch Coffee Roasters for some choice caffeinated beverages before a long day in the saddle. The day’s ride left from Wanoga Snow Park, and the ten members split into two groups: The four boys of next year’s Category A squad set off with ex-MTB Pro, multi-time Canadian Cyclocross National Champion, and all-around nice guy Chris Sheppard for a searing loop around Mt. Bachelor, along with some pep- (and friendly trash-) talking; meanwhile, the group containing next year’s women’s A and B teams, and the men’s B team set off on a similar course, and the entire team regrouped at the beautiful Lava Lake to refuel and finish the ride out together. A long, high-elevation climb before the final descent back to the snow park took a toll on the exhausted riders, but everyone returned to the team van tired yet happy. After showers and lots of burritos back at the homestay, the team gathered once again, this time for a lecture from Steve Utzman, a top-tier physical trainer in Bend, who presented an intriguing and informative seminar about the necessity of off-season cross-training. After the talk, the team scarfed down some more food before an intense study session to stay ahead of classwork—only a week into the term, most of the riders already had to crack their books open to ensure they were fully prepared. Don’t let it be said that the UO Cycling Team is athletes first and scholars second!

Sunday began even earlier than Saturday, with a quick breakfast and then some team pictures before everyone set off on the day’s ride. The course was out along some back roads and little-known gravel shortcuts over to the town of Sisters, and, more importantly, Sisters’ Coffee Company. After refueling and re-caffeinating, the team split once again, with a small group striking out to climb the famous and scenic road up to Three Creek Lake, while the rest headed back to Bend (managing to get lost once, but in the serendipitous manner which often befalls cyclists and leads to an even more memorable ride). Quick showers and a hasty lunch awaited the returning team at the homestay, and after packing up, the van and truck-and-trailer set out towards home, so that the team members could get back to their studying and other obligations.

The team would like to extend the deepest thanks to our hosts for the weekend—The Andrews and Arguello families—as well as our new sponsor, Hammer Nutrition, for keeping us properly fuelled and getting us all home feeling good, and Steve Utzman for the stellar and informative lecture on crosstraining and injury prevention for cyclists. We look forward for the opportunity to return to Bend for another team-building weekend—next time we may even leave the bikes behind and focus on the most important aspect of any team—building cooperation and lasting relationships between our fantastic members.


Summer Updates

Hope everyone’s summer is going well. Fall term is fast approaching and things are shaping up nicely for the University of Oregon Cycling Club. The first weekend of October we are having our first ever training camp for returning riders. Team members will spend three days in Bend Oregon exploring great roads in the High Desert. The camp serves more than just training on the road. A personal trainer, physical therapist, and local pro will be giving lectures on injury prevention, specific cycling exercises, and other information. Success in the sport transcends more than just riding the bike.
Recently some ducks have competed in local OBRA races. Shoutout to Sophie Andrews for winning the Cat 4 women’s Crit and placing second in the Road Race of the High Desert Omnium. John Crandall displayed his dominant climbing ability by winning the State Cat 3 hill climb championships and the Eugene Celebration overall GC. John Morehouse placed 10th in the cat 3 Briggs Hill Road race. Austin Arguello placed 6th in the prize purse heavy Stumptown cat 1/2 criterium and 8th in the Briggs Hill cat 1/2 road race. With the OBRA calendar coming to an end, some riders will turn their attention to cross while others will take a breather before resuming training for road.

Hammer Nutrition!

The University of Oregon Cycling Team is extremely pleased to announce we will be fueled by Hammer Nutrition for the 2015 racing season. Nutrition is important, and it becomes even more important when we compete in the omnium style of racing. Proper recovery and hydration between and during our races is critical, and we are very grateful to be backed by a company that is so innovative. Not to mention they are family owned out of WhiteFish, MT!

Here is a bit from their “Core Values” page on their website:

“We do not engage in self-serving circular reasoning or the use of selective science to support dubious products and formulations. Instead, we rely on the entire collective body of research and knowledge about the human body and how to achieve and maintain peak health and performance through diet, hydration, and lifestyle choices.”
-Brian Frank

Be sure to scope out what they have to offer at their website: http://www.hammernutrition.com.



Looking Ahead to 2015

2014 has been a learning year for the University of Oregon Cycling Team. The atmosphere of the team lacked cohesiveness. Although we don’t aspire to be an elite pro-team, (as we are a club sport after all) our club strives to lead our conference and work responsibly where each member, regardless of ability fulfills their potential. One way potential is attained, is through a strong team atmosphere.

That being said, new team president, John Morehouse, has organized our first ever pre-season camp for returning riders. The idea is to build camaraderie among the existing team with long rides and off the bike activities. The team intends on holding a second camp during the winter with a focus on integration and welcoming our new-members onto the team.

Other than the camp, a major goal of the team is to create a self-sustaining, highly organized, and cohesive team environment. A guide for future team presidents will be built with the intention for a more consistent cycling team, regardless of who is managing.

Stay tuned for future updates on our website and Facebook.

USAC Collegiate Road Nationals Recap. (Days 2 & 3)

If you were following our results at all last weekend, you probably have a good idea of the dissatisfying nature of the remainder of our team’s 2013 Collegiate Road National Championships.  Here’s a brief recap.

Saturday’s downtown criterium saw 130+ starters for the highly anticipated Division 1 competition.  The Ducks only fielded two of those racers, but neither finished the race. After about 70 minutes of dodging crashes, Austin Arguello and Dillon Caldwell were both poised for a good shot in the final showdown.  Sitting at the front of the enormous mass of hungry young men, our boys were just two laps from the checkered flag and feeling particularly strong about their chances.  It wasn’t meant to be.  Entering corner 5 of the 8 corner boulevard-style course, both the Ducks went down hard.  The race was over before they even got off the ground.  Alas, it’s always hard to be upset when you walk away with only minor abrasions and broken plastic, especially considering the outcomes of the dozens of other crashes throughout the day.  Saturday may have proved bittersweet for both Caldwell and Arguello, but Sunday’s RR was still on.

Dillon's back while awaiting treatment post-criterium. Skin heals quickly, cracked carbon and broken dreams do not.

That wasn’t meant to be either.  Arguello and Caldwell lit bonfires during the three-lap circuit around Pineview Reservoir in hopes of finding a successful break before the Category 1 climb that would ultimately decide the race.  Nothing lasted for much more than a minute, however, and both our boys were more or less tanked by the time the peloton reached the flanks of Ogden’s infamous Tour of Utah hill climb.  Arguello stuck with the lead group for the first minute or so of action, but popped hard by about the quarter mark of the climb.  Caldwell started out the hill with a bit more of a defecit to the leaders, but found a good tempo and pounded through to the top quarter of the 166 man field by the top.  Picking off a few more riders on the descent back down into the Valley of Eden, that same TT strength (“Old Man Strength” in Mr. Arguello’s lexicon) that helped him on Friday allowed him to drive it home for a mediocre 44th place finish on the day.

Crashes and bad tactical plays are usually a part of the experience for this team when it comes to competing against the top 100+ riders in the American collegiate racing scene.  These things are to be expected, just celebrated when we’re fortunate enough to avert them.  It wasn’t our year in Ogden, once again, but we’re incredibly thankful nonetheless for the opportunity to represent our school and our state at this capstone event.  We look forward to next year’s event in Richmond, Virginia.  Hopefully this 2015 World Championship course will prove more fruitful for what is sure to be a larger contingency of University of Oregon athletes.

2013 USAC Collegiate National Championships – Day 1

'11-'13 Club President Dillon Caldwell begins his silver-medal time trial run at the USAC Collegiate Road National Championships

The University of Oregon Ducks started their 2013 season strong, dominating the Men’s A team competition for the first few weekends of the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference’s earlier-than-ever regular season.  Two months later, due to injury and academic concerns, only two Ducks made it out to Utah for the National Championships — conference champion, Austin Arguello, and club president, Dillon Caldwell.

Friday’s team and individual time trial events on Antelope Island State Park marked the start of the 2013 USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships, held in beautiful Ogden, Utah for the second-straight year.  The men’s D1 Individual Time Trial, a first-year event for this competition, was the last race scheduled for the opening day.  The boys gave no complaint, however, as the island’s bison population proved troublesome for the racers in the morning’s team events.  Only Caldwell registered for the event for the Ducks, and was seeded at the bottom of the field due to his lack of history in USAC-sanctioned events.  By the time all was said and done, however, Caldwell more than proved the classification system wrong by laying down a silver-medal performance on the 20k rolling course.  Only Spencer Oswald of Lees-McRae college (Iowa) had a faster time in the D1 field, besting Caldwell by more than a minute.  Full results can be found here.

The Ducks look forward to the remaining two days of competition here in Ogden, including this evening’s criterium (downtown Ogden) and Sunday’s 120 kilometer road race (Pineview Reservoir).  Arguello was mentioned in USAC’s D1 race preview as a favorite in both races, but will face a good share of stiff competition from several other notable programs in the American collegiate cycling program.  Expect more details and images as the weekend progresses.  You can always follow us on both Twitter and Facebook for more immediate updates.

Go Ducks.

2013 Road Racing Team

Huge thanks to all our sponsors!

From left (top): Dillon Caldwell (Club President, Men’s A), Craig Speck (Men’s D), Michael Shelver (Men’s C), Blake Elliott (Men’s B), Brian Fawcett (Men’s B), Jonathan Marshall (Men’s C), David Wells (Team Coach); Brian Fox (Men’s D), Austin Arguello (Men’s A), Brian Santiago (Men’s D), Keith Fawcett (Men’s D), John Morehouse (Men’s C); Brooke Bilyeu (Women’s C), Maire Osborn (Women’s A), Noah Jones (Men’s B), Laura Thompson (Women’s B), and Chloe Conrad (Women’s C).

Not Pictured: Annaleise Girone (Women’s C), David Kuhns (Men’s A), Cameron Clark (Men’s A), Hwang Seungjin (Men’s B), Stephen Moran (Men’s D), Brad Engel (Men’s D), Evan Pardi (Men’s D).

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